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The SCCOE Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) Program is thrilled to partner with the NYC Leadership Academy to bring you a leadership webinar series featuring content experts from across the county to tackle just-in time topics to discuss tangible strategies that schools and school systems can adopt around alternatives to suspension for vape/tobacco related offenses and beyond. Please click on the links below to register for the session of your choice.

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Please check back in August for webinars starting Fall 2020. 

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April 30, 2020

Escaping Vaping: Informational Webinar on Teen Vaping & COVID-19

The Palo Alto Youth Council invites the parent community to a vaping panel where guest speakers from different professions will confer their experience dealing with vaping. The panel will include a 15 min. presentation from each panelist surrounding vaping and how it pertains to their specific field, results from a vaping survey of over 300 students from the Palo Alto district, and a 45 min. Q and A segment at the end of the session.

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​Vape 101 Education for Parents and Caregivers

This recorded webinar will answer the following:

  • What is vaping?
  • How much does vaping occur among teens?
  • What does vaping do to the teen body and mind?
  • How can parents prevent vaping before it starts?
  • How can you help a teen who is vaping?
  • How do you have a conversation with a teen about vaping?

For questions, please contact Natalie Andrade at nandrade@sccoe.org.

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What You Need To Know About Vaping For Students

Learn about the harms of vaping nicotine and cannabis products, what they are, and resources to quit.

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May 27, 2020
Leadership for Equity Through & Beyond COVID-19

The first webinar focused on setting the foundation for leading for equity in the COVID-19 crisis with an emphasis on decreasing suspensions for tobacco and vape related offenses using an equity centered lens. In this 90-minute webinar, participants will explore:

  • Issues of inequity that existed before COVID-19 both in Santa Clara County and nationwide, including inequities in tobacco marketing, usage rates, and suspension data
  • The effects of COVID-19 on exacerbating these inequities
  • Implications for your role as a leader during this unprecedented time
  • Practices to ensure strong, healthy relationships with students and staff 
  • Alternatives to suspension ideas both locally and nationally to increase positive school climate
  • Tobacco cessation resources provided

Facilitator: Imee Almazan, Ed.D. Coordinator of State & Federal Programs, Alum Rock Union Elementary School District

Expert Guest: Nancy Gutierrez, Ed.L.D. President & CEO NYC Leadership Academy

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  • NYC Leadership Academy's guide on leading an equity-focused response through and beyond COVID-19
  • TNTP's report on the opportunity myth
June 18, 2020
Leading Through COVID-19: Trauma – Self Care for Adults & Students 

The second webinar focused on dealing with trauma in the COVID-19 crisis. The webinar will explore trauma-informed approaches for individual resilience to identify root causes on why students use tobacco or vape products. Participants will learn:

  • Deepen participants' understanding of the impact of trauma and the creation of trauma-sensitive schools and school systems and identifying the root causes of student tobacco use
  • Explore trauma-informed approaches for individual resilience during COVID-19 and beyond 
  • Provide recommendations for practicing self care as a key leadership strategy to support students who use tobacco and vape products
  • Tobacco cessation resources provided

Facilitator: Imee Almazan, Ed.D. Coordinator of State & Federal Programs, Alum Rock Union Elementary School District

Expert Guest: Annya Artigas, Ed.D. Coordinator of Mental Wellness Support, Alum Rock Union Elementary School District

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